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The Raleigh Citizen Advisory Councils (CAC) have long offered the Raleigh community and city government a means to engagement. The Downtown Community Activation Committee (CAC) now refines the opportunity for  involvement through a virtual council targeting issues of particular interest to downtowners. The group will highlight various opportunities presented by the five CACs whose boundaries include and extend outside the downtown area. 

The Downtown CAC supports a community driven, fun and social engagement of downtown advocates exploring issues that excite and engage them through focused involvement with all the downtown councils. 


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If you live in Raleigh, you are a part of a citizen advisory council.

Subscribing to to our newsletter and attending our events is great. However, knowing which CAC you are a part of is the next step in engaging with leaders and other residents who are making a difference in your community.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Downtown CAC a real CAC?

No. We are a virtual group that seeks to increase public engagement in the existing CAC system. Since we are focused on downtown Raleigh, we want to draw residents into the CACs whose overview includes their particular area.

Why do you exist then?

When you look at the CAC map that was drawn out over 40 years ago, you quickly recognize the challenge.  Downtown Raleigh sits between five or six different CACs. We have a lot more downtown residents today than when these boundaries were established, so our plan is to unite to create a downtown voice that will be heard in the appropriate CACs as they consider issues affecting where we live.

What topics do you focus on?

The planning team (join us!) wants to advise subscribers and downtown residents of big projects that would benefit from informed public feedback. Living downtown, you’re aware of how much is going on, and of course there are many ways to stay up to date. But our effort wants to pull together top issues so that you can join others in considering the underlying factors critical for sustaining a vibrant, livable downtown.  We want your feedback so that together, we can represent the range of viewpoints that make our area such a vital and diverse community.

Do you have to be a member?

No! All Raleigh residents are part of a CAC. Find yours here.

How often do you meet?

Regular CAC meetings are every month. The planning team here is working to get our social events lined up soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay plugged in.